New 3PL partner in Italy

Northern Italy is an attractive and interesting e-commerce logistics location. Reaching out to the main parts of Italy, the Alps, France, the riviera, and more or less in a day, it is a strategic and requested 3PL-location for many successful consumer lifestyle brands.

We are therefore happy to announce that Prime Penguin has partnered up with one of Italy’s biggest and most prominent 3PL operators, near the city of Milan.

Prime Penguin is pre-connected to all its 3PL-partners as well as nearly 20 of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the market, which makes it easier than ever, for your business, to get started with logistics operations abroad.

The smart “routing technology” of Prime Penguin will make sure that all orders will be handled by the most relevant warehouse which reduces delivery costs and time for all your orders while you are having full digital control of all logistics operations.

Are you interested in the North Italien region for your e-commerce logistics operations? Simply procure your logistics need digitally within minutes at and we will return to you shortly.

Team Prime Penguin


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