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Selling through social media and influencer marketing has been around for some time now. Uniting the force of these talents into the powerhouse that HUBSO has become, is truly unique. By looking at the needs of the profiles, HUBSO has reinvented the supply chain of retail and influencer marketing. 

HUBSO is a one-stop hub for influencers who want to establish their own brand and get a seamless procedure regarding production, marketing, and e-commerce solutions. It was co-founded by Josefine Abrahamsson in 2017. Today it is part of HUBSO Group AB (publ) who is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market, making Josefine Sweden’s youngest CEO of a publicly-traded company.  She is now leading her team of innovators to the next stage. Prime Penguin has been an early partner in all things logistics with a flexible solution that allows their network to grow. 

“Being an influencer today is a full-time job, in many cases you as an individual don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself. We can quickly help an e-commerce brand get started and provide the expertise as well as the suppliers and third-party logistics required “
– Josefine, Co-founder, CEO

HUBSO contacted Prime Penguin to find a trusted 3PL partner and a scalable logistics solution, it was a perfect match. Through the Prime Penguin platform, HUBSO has full transparency and a smart solution that leverages the combined sales of each individual brand with a preexisting supply chain.

“There is a huge advantage for our profiles to gain access to the entire setup from the start.  The strength of HUBSO is that each of our influencers can start off small and grow within the network while still having access to the same margins. D2C e-commerce is a volume business and the cost for handling and sending will be lower per order if you can use economies of scale in a network like ours. Allowing small brands to grow and be profitable right from the start.”
– Josefine, Co-founder, CEO

In anything they do, HUBSO is extremely data-driven. Being flexible and having access to real-time data in their operations has been key to their growth. Through PrimePenguin they have access to real-time numbers and reports on sales and market performance down to brand, product, and SKU level.

“For example, during this year we have sold mostly sweatpants and stylish casual wear. We are highly attuned to where the demand is now and supporting our brands to market the products that we can see are actually selling.” 
– “Josefine, Co-founder, CEO 

HUBSO is entering an exciting time. After building a proof of concept in Sweden and the Nordics, with influencers like Linn Ahlborg, Rebecca Stella, and Sanne Alexandra, HUBSO and Josefine now have their eye on Europe.  They have recently signed their first international profile. HUBSO is also taking the next step in creating something truly authentic, by soon launching their first own brand. 

As a partner to Prime Penguin, they will have a cost-efficient way to add new warehouse connections globally as well as incorporating their own brand into their existing logistic setup. 

Prime Penguin is looking forward to continuing to be a partner in their exciting growth journey.

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HUBSO is a one-stop hub for influencers who want to establish their own brand and get a seamless procedure regarding production, marketing, and e-commerce solutions. Basically, realizing their dreams so that they don’t have to worry about the boring parts. HUBSO calls it true branding, without administrative headache.

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