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Eldstickan | A Swedish design classic in the making

Matches have been around for 170 years but not a lot has happened. Not until Eldstickan gave them a revival with beautiful and playful colors in elegant glass bottles.

The idea was born in 2017 when the founder, Swedish Martina Sahl, was looking for stylish matchsticks to keep next to her candles. With an eye for design and inspiring content, she quickly grew a following. It was an instant success! 

“I wanted to create a timeless interior detail that in its simplicity could contribute to a more beautiful and personal home”

What started small, in her apartment soon grew into a complex operation. Orders were flooding in not only through her e-commerce store but also from social channels. Martina found her apartment filling up with products, boxes, and bubble wrappings. Individually packing and sending out each order herself. While keeping track of the many requests on different platforms.  She found a warehouse partner to help with the packing and shipping. But have now outgrown their capacity.

Martina is entering an exciting time of expansion. Embarking on a journey to work full time with her business. A natural next step was to partner with Prime Penguin.

“I need a solution where I can get a full overview of my logistics. With Prime Penguin’s platform, I will be able to integrate all parts of my business and manage everything from one single platform” 

Eldstickan is retailed in more than 300 stores and available in ten countries.

Martina Sahl,
Founder, Eldstickan 

Eldstickan offers matches sold in beautiful glass vials. The matches are hand-packed in Sweden. The wood used comes from responsible forestry that takes people and the environment into account. Make sure to check them out!

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