Best 3PL Company in Sweden

Prime Penguin is a company in Sweden that offers complete services in terms of outsourcing to third party logistics, commonly known as 3PL or TPL. We have over 100 000 sqm of warehousing network and years of experience in the field. Prime Penguin is located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and hub for tech and innovation.

Having a 3PL company close to Stockholm serves as a good choice because of the following reasons

High Demand for Online Goods

Stockholm has a population that is increasing rapidly. The high population paves way for an increasing demand for online goods, making it profitable to have a logistics partner near Stockholm in order to get closer to the e-commerce consumers.

The location of Stockholm

By having a 3PL company close to Stockholm enables businesses to cater for the needs of customers all over Europe. The location of Stockholm brings forth proximity to its customers, especially the ones based around the Scandinavian countries.

Stockholm is known for having a very good infrastructure, with a well-established road and rail network along with many harbours that provide efficient and fast ferry service to the different parts of the city. Stockholm also has multiple airports, which offers connections to countries all over the world.

Thus we see that having a 3PL company near Stockholm is ideal for your e-shop, as the city does not only have a high demand for online goods but it also has the necessary infrastructure and facilities to deal with the increasing demand.

Why should you use Prime Penguin?

– We have expertise in the field of logistics management, ensuring timely and efficient 3PL services through our network and platform.

– We have a simple plugin system which connects seamlessly to your e-shop. This is because we are present on most major e-commerce platforms.

– We offer you a choice of select digitized satellite warehouses that are located in different parts of the world. You can choose multiple warehouses according to the location of your customers for hassle-free delivery.

– In the competitive e-commerce market, low downtimes are important for a business in order to be successful. Prime Penguin, with its many connections to different partners, has minimal downtimes for its logistics activities.

– Having low downtimes coupled with using the best modes of transport, Prime Penguin ensures timely deliveries to customers.

– We provide end to end solutions and offer scalable solutions for your logistics.

– We have a perfect system of tracking your reports, orders, etc. We synchronize your systems and inventory in an efficient manner.

– We provide you data in real time to manage your inventory.

– We use highly automated procedures for order fulfillment. This helps us minimize errors and reduce costs.

– We also offer various value added services such as quality checking of stock on receipt, etc.

– We offer you complete control over management of your logistics with the help of our interface. The interface can be integrated to any device of your choice.

– We offer customized logistics solutions to our clients.

– Prime Penguin offers a cost-effective and seamless logistics management for your inventory through our platform and vast 3PL network.

– Due to these benefits we see that Prime Penguin enables an enhancement of your logistics process to your e-commerce business, by offering complete outsourcing services both to domestic and international markets.

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