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Australian Hightail Hair connects to 3PL in Sweden

We welcome our first Australia eshop to Prime Penguin. The company (Hightailhair) is establishing a satellite warehouse in Sweden in order to serve all its European customers.

The set-up will both lower their shipping costs and reduce their delivery time as well as their environmental footprint. By using Prime Penguin platform they also cut their IT costs and can overview all their warehouse activities in real-time.

Co-Founder Jen about the start of Hightail:

“After a beautiful ride on vacation, I went to get ready for dinner and discovered my bun had fallen out, and in its place were thousands of tiny tangles. After brushing and brushing, my frustration and hunger rising and rising, I had no choice but to jump in the cold shower to fix my hair. Jon navigated the ‘hairy’ situation well, but neither of us wanted to ever repeat it. Within months we had made our first, hand-sewn prototype, and our Hightail adventure was underway.”

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