Quicktest outsource all logistics to Prime Penguin

Quicktest outsource all logistics to Prime Penguin

In a period where hospitals are risking to be overcrowded and where people are recommended to stay home, we are especially glad to announce our latest e-shop – Quicktest. The company sells all different kinds of tests for finding out potential disorders (such as borrelia, thyroid gland, liver, iron deficiency and much more). The fast-growing company has sold an impressive amount of tests already (some tests have reached over 50.000 sold units). The IVD (In-vitro Diagnostic) tests are delivered for free directly home to your mailbox which makes it easy, convenient and affordable for you.

“Quicktest tests are designed for home use, that will not only give people security, they will also save lives – and we are proud of that” – Mattias Hultberg, Founder of Quicktest

Quicktest outsources all its logistics to the Prime Penguin network. As the customer base grows into more continents so do also the demand for having multiple warehouses. Prime Penguin is happy to grow with the company and looking forward to an exciting journey in the coming years together.

You can find out and read more about the tests here.

Disrupted Supply Chain?

Disrupted Supply Chain

Are you experiencing a disrupted supply chain due to temporary bottlenecks for your e-commerce logistics due to the rapid change because of the Coronavirus?

Prime Penguin is a digital solution – pre-connected to several full-service logistics providers (3PL) at some key global markets and can be a solution for you to redistribute some of your order flows until things are back to normal.

For any questions, please contact our supply chain manager John and he will arrange a digital meeting with you: johan@primepenguin.com

We are happy to help to find you a potential solution.

Got Customers in California?

Got Customers in CaliforniaAre you interested in establishing your e-shop on the US and Californian market?

California offers a perfect location for a US “satellite” warehouse (3PL) for most consumer lifestyle brands and e-shops for many reasons.

With nearly 40 million people it is the most populous US state and also has a big buying power and is well matured within e-commerce.

Also, being a global trendsetter and modern consumer market, California offers a gathering of some of the most trend aware consumers in the world, which may demand your products on mass?

Sounds interesting?

Our fully connected and carefully selected  Californian 3PL-partner offers modern full-service logistics, in modern facilities, including a variety of delivery methods for all your e-shop orders.

Prime Penguin will enable you a plug and play connection and give you a full digital overview of all your logistics.

Receive a price offer today at primepenguin.com/procurement

Royal Straps choose Prime Penguin

Royal Straps choose Prime PenguinWe are happy to announce that Royal Straps outsource all its logistics to one of Prime Penguin’s Swedish partners.

Royal Straps sell watch straps and nato straps to an affordable price tag. The company was founded in 2015 by Mathias after a long genuine interest in high-quality watches.

“What started with the hunt for the world’s best field watch for money has evolved into an online store with an exciting assortment of nato straps and watch straps for attractive prices” -Mathias founder of Royal Straps

All the logistics were until March 2020 managed by Mathias from his home. But an increasing number of orders made it not sustainable to manage it in-house any longer. He then contacted Prime Penguin in order to start the outsourcing process and procured his logistics need online at www.primepenguin.com/procurement

Do you want to upgrade your watch with a new strap?

Go to Royalstraps.se and order your first strap today.