Kemikalieklok teams up with Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin is proud to announce that the non-toxic and zero waste e-shop, Kemikalieklok, chooses Prime Penguin for full logistics outsourcing and digital control. We think Prime Penguin and Kemikalieklok is a match made in heaven as Kemikaliklok works for a more sustainable environment through education and for selling non-toxic products to people (so people can avoid chemicals that have a direct negative effect on our bodies), and Prime Penguin reduces the CO2 pollution by offering satellite warehouses with shorter freights – Together, will our companies make this world just a little better for everyone. [caption id="attachment_888" align="aligncenter" width="307"] Photo from Kemikalieklok[/caption] Check it out and order your non-toxic products here]]>

The Resort Co choose Prime Penguin

Summertimes and it’s fashion on our minds. The Resort Co sells contemporary flip-flops in luxurious materials – Designed in Stockholm and handmade in Italy, and are now be able to follow all of its warehouse and logistics alternatives through Prime Penguin Platform on any device they like, anywhere they want – Your warehouse in your pocket. In their own words: For many years we couldn’t find flip-flops that lived up to our design expectations. We decided to create a flip-flop model with high-quality materials and understated design that comfortably could be worn all around the world’s best resorts, beach clubs, and summer bars.  The Resort Co was purposely founded to create the perfect flip-flop. Check it out and buy your perfect pair of flip-flop here  ]]>

Lace Laboratory choose Prime Penguin

Lace Laboratory is one of the latest e-shops to choose Prime Penguin to help them outsource their e-commerce logistics. “Now that we have finally come to the point that we can no longer handle our logistics. Therefore, it feels safe to hand it over to Prime Penguin – their logistics solution is exactly what we need,” says Faye Flensburg, co-founder of Lace Laboratory

“Bästa underkläderna jag testat. Jag har bytt ut alla mina undies till Lace trosor nu. Jag är helt såld!” – ISABELLA LÖWENGRIP
Being one of the most hyped underwear brands in Scandinavia, Lace Laboratory demands efficient and modern logistics on the customer’s terms and has now chosen to team up with Prime Penguin.
“We’re on a mission to create the perfect combination of comfort and sensual style – panties that look, feel and last far beyond their price point”Faye & Felicia (Founders of Lace Laboratory)
Lace Laboratory works with some of the biggest influencers and has already proven to be a reliable player and gained a good reputation among its followers. With Prime Penguin, Lace Laboratory now not only gets a swift plug-and-play integration but also full control and overview of all its warehouse and logistics activities through Prime Penguin Platform, which allows them to focus to further grow its business. [caption id="attachment_828" align="aligncenter" width="325"] Photo from Lace Laboratory[/caption] By choosing Prime Penguin, Lace Laboratory also access Prime Penguins Global Logistics Network, so they with ease can expand to new markets and set-up satellite warehouses where their customers are located, for faster deliveries, lower costs and less environmental impact. [caption id="attachment_819" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Photo from Lace Laboratory[/caption]


Find your underwear at /Team Prime Penguin]]>

Simris Alg uses Prime Penguin

Picture from Simris Alg[/caption] Simris Alg is a pioneering agribusiness growing algae in Sweden with the mission to empower healthy and planet-friendly lifestyles, by delivering superior products from algae. This is the forefront of modern food and we are therefore extra happy that Simrisalg uses Prime Penguin to track and control all their e-commerce logistics. They are based in beautiful Hammenhög, in the southern part of Sweden, (not surprisingly by the sea), where customers from all over the world are provided with healthy products from farmed algae via their beautifully designed e-shop. “Food” and e-commerce have not always been a natural match. But we can now see that it is becoming more and more common to buy and distribute it online. Not least for this kind of food, which not is animal based and therefore do not need to be stored in a cold way. We are really looking forward to following Simris Alg on a successful journey. Interested in their products? We highly recommend you to have a look -they are quite astonishing. Shop today at  ]]>